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  • Formation of a Quasi-Free-Standing Single Layer of Graphene and Hexagonal Boron Nitride on Pt(111) by a Single Molecular Precursor

    by S. Nappini, I Píš, T.O. Menteş, A. Sala, M. Cattelan, S. Agnoli, F. Bondino and E. Magnano

    DOI: 10.1002/adfm.201503591


    Fast One-Pot Synthesis of MoS2/Crumpled Graphene p–n Nanonjunctions for Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Production

    F. Carraro, L. Calvillo, M. Cattelan, M. Favaro, M. Righetto, S. Nappini, I. Píš, V. Celorrio, D. J. Fermín, A. Martucci, S. Agnoli, and G. Granozzi

    ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces20157 (46), pp 25685–25692


    Enhanced Chemical Reactivity of Pristine Graphene Interacting Strongly with a Substrate: Chemisorbed Carbon Monoxide on Graphene/Nickel(1 1 1)

     by M. SmerieriE. CelascoG. CarraroA. LusuanJ. PalG. BraccoM. RoccaL. Savio and L. Vattuone

    ChemCatChem, 2015, DOI: 10.1002/cctc.201500279


  • Oxygen reactivity on pure and B-doped graphene over crystalline Cu(111). Effects of the dopant and of the metal support

    by L. Ferrighi and C. Di Valentin

    Surface Science doi:10.1016/j.susc.2014.11.001



    TiO2/graphene nanocomposites from the direct reduction of graphene oxide by metal evaporation

    by M. Favaro, S. Agnoli, C. Di Valentin, C. Mattevi, M. Cattelan, L. Artiglia, E. Magnano, F. Bondino, S. Nappini and G. Granozzi. 

    CARBON, 2014, 68, Pages 319–329




    Shaping Graphene oxide by electrochemistry: from foams to self-assembled molecular materials.

    by M. Favaro, S. Agnoli, M. Cattelan, A. Moretto, C. Durante, S. Leonardi, 

    J. Kunze-Liebhäuser, O. Schneider, A. Gennaro, G. Granozzi. 

    CARBON, 2014, 77, Pages 405-415

  • Single and Multiple Doping in Graphene Quantum Dots: Unraveling the Origin of Selectivity in the Oxygen Reduction Reaction

    by M. Favaro, L. Ferrighi, G. Fazio, L. Colazzo, C. Di Valentin, C. Durante, F. Sedona, A. Gennaro, S. Agnoli, and G. Granozzi

    ACS Catalysis, 20155, Pages 129–144

  • Theoretical Studies of Oxygen Reactivity of Free-Standing and Supported Boron-Doped Graphene

    C. Di Valentin, L. Ferrighi and G. Fazio

    ChemSusChem. 2016 doi:10.1002/cssc.201600558



     Boron-doped graphene as active electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction at a fuel-cell cathode

    by G. Fazio, L. Ferrighi and C. Di Valentin

    Journal of Catalysis 2014, 318, Pages 203–210

    Opto-electrochemical biorecognition by optically-transparent highly conductive graphene-modified Fluorine-doped Tin Oxide substrates

    by F. Lamberti, L. Brigo, M. Favaro, C. Luni, A. Zoso, M. Cattelan, S. Agnoli, G. Brusatin, G. Granozzi, M. Giomo, and N. Elvassore

    ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 20146 (24), pp 22769–22777

  • Surface-Confined Polymerization of Halogenated Polyacenes: The Case of Dibromotetracene on Ag(110)

    by I. PíšL. FerrighiT. Hai NguyenS. NappiniL. VaghiA. BasagniE. MagnanoA. PapagniF. SedonaC. Di ValentinS. Agnoli, and F. Bondino

    J. Phys. Chem. C, 2016120 (9), pp 4909–4918


The American Chemistry Society meeting. San Diego, California, USA. March 13-17, 2016

We are presenting: 

"Graphene/TiO2(101) Interfaces: a DFT Study"



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